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At Guthrie Chiropractic, we partner with the top personal injury firms in the state, who have helped their clients receive millions of dollars in personal injury settlements, and who will help you maximize your injury settlement as well. We also work directly with an Osteopathic doctor who can handle your prescription needs, and massage therapists to address your muscle dysfunction.

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The majority of automobile policies and workman’s compensation insurance companies cover the cost of patient care 100%. This affords us the ability to treat accidents and injuries with no deductibles, co-pays, or other out of pocket cost.

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We partner with Phoenix EI Transportation, a local transportation company that will pick you up and drop you off while your car is being repaired. They can bill your lawyer directly for the transportation with no out of pocket cost to you. Don’t delay treatment because of lack of transportation, it prolongs your pain and affects your ability to maximize your personal injury settlement.

What our customers are saying

When I totaled my SUV, I had devastating back and neck pain. I went to Dr. Guthrie and he got me out of pain and moving like I used to. He also took care of ordering X-rays, an MRI, and referred me to a top personal injury lawyer who got me a great settlement. It was nice not to worry about having to do all this myself when I was suffering from injuries due to my accident. Thank you so much.

Brandy J.

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